19 September 2016

Kitchens Village Midwife Built

Village maternity built Tasikmalaya district health offices complete with kitchen manufacture. The kitchen in the cottage was very refresentatif maternity and clean, and was built as a complement in the office of village maternity.
Every medical office building place of birth shall be provided by making the kitchen. Because the kitchen is indispensable every employee, whether in the health office, district offices, and other government offices. Because not all employees will buy food to the cafeteria every day. Instead they will cook in the kitchen. Full kitchen in the office, can boil water, food, and noodles instance. Thus, our work will not be disrupted, just to eat go to the cafeteria.

16 September 2016

Full Kitchen and Clean

Come join me in high school former student group
and most of its members are women.
Some posting a lot about shared experiences
experience of life, friendship, and share recipes
almost every week there is always the post
recipes and other dishes.
generally recipes about cooking fish, chicken,
meat, and vegetables. 

09 September 2016

Kitchen Colors of Pink

Frankly, I like the color blue, but my wife likes the green color of the walls in the house. But everyone is different in color pleasure. There is a color like yellow, purple, cream, etc. While my friend likes the color pink, for the color of the walls in the kitchen.
There are many reasons why each person chose their favorite color. Some say because of nostalgia, improve morale, and add joy to stay at home or in the kitchen. You can see the color of the houses vary. No vote loud colors or soft colors. Everyone is certainly like color of the house and kitchen respectively.
However, there is also a house that is not painted at all. The view can be seen in the villages and countryside. The important thing was able to build a house quite proud of, even though the house was not painted, because of the cost factor.
Governments have been contributing cost to build people's home uninhabitable.. The house is not habitable house belonging to the category of people below the poverty line. So he obtained financial assistance from the government to build a house. Although obtaining government assistance, but for finishing, they paint the house as well. The cost of buying house paint that can be obtained from the aid on its neighbors. So the house looks magnificent building.
Imagine, how the color pink on the walls of the kitchen (kitchen colors of pink)? For that, I ask my friends to send photos of him kitchen. It was true, paint the walls in the kitchen, the color pink.
Then I asked why like the color pink?
My friend said, the reason why him choose to paint the walls in the kitchen with the color pink, pink color besides reason, it is the favorite color of my wife and my daughter. The pink color is also confident of being able to give inspiration and encouragement for his wife, when the activity in the kitchen preparing food dish full of nutrition, for husband and our two children.
The other reason, the color pink is also capable minimize or disguise dirty in the kitchen wall, due to oil splashes and so for a long time.

23 September 2015

Kitchen Village

Kitchen In Town
A housewife who loves to cook vegetables in the kitchen, always know the various types of vegetables are needed. Including some kind of seasoning. Fresh herbs such as turmeric yellow, red onion, seasoning packaging production plant, yellow, red, green, is usually always there as supplies in the kitchen.